Why We Walk

I grew up in a family that had a real heart for caring for and nurturing animals.  We had a lot of pets.  That is how my passion grew and I became involved with many animal organizations. When I heard about the Humane Society of Broward County’s Walk for the Animals 8 years ago, I knew I had to volunteer, and the rest is history. 

Since then, I have seen how much this organization offers to Broward County and South Florida communities. It makes serving them easy and fulfilling. It is so rewarding to watch animal lovers in South Florida come together to fundraise for the shelter at The Walk for the Animals. 

I look forward to seeing everyone for the 28th Annual Walk for the Animals March 3, 2018. 

~Carey Morgan

Why I do participate in the walk?  I walk to give voice to the thousands of shelter dogs and cats in our community that are abandoned, surrendered or left homeless, and to bring attention to the tireless efforts and devotion that the Humane Society of Broward County gives to each and every one of these furry babies in providing the care, treatment and eventual loving homes they all deserve. It is just my small contribution in showing them the love and human kindness for which they all need.

~Deanna Kubinski      

I walk because it's a small way that I can give back.  You get donations from everyone you know and then you get to come out and celebrate with like-minded people and their pets.  Yes, mostly dogs but you never know who might show up - a cat, a pig!  It is just a lot of fun for a good cause. The picture is Lola and Beanie enjoying a sniff stop during the walk! 

~Eleanor McCoy

I participate in the Walk for the Animals because it fills my heart to know I’m helping abused and homeless animals find a home. To commune with literally hundreds of other people who share the same goal is truly rewarding. Animal lovers are a special “breed” of people and the type of people I prefer to share my time and energy with.

As a major fundraiser for the Humane Society of Broward County, the Walk is not only raising funds to provide shelter, aid and responsible adoptions for homeless animals, they are also using those funds to educate the community about respect and kindness to all animals. I cannot think of a more worthwhile cause!

~Richard Goodnight

What a lovely sunny day we were blessed with this year, so many people and their furry friends walking the grounds, filled with colorful tents and kiosks offering fun raffles, free giveaways and lots of information for pet owners from all the welcoming vendors.  The music…very enjoyable, our wonderful hosts from our Walk Committee introducing new donations and raffle winners were truly great…lots of fun to watch them on the stage.  Everywhere people taking photos, stopping to chat, to pet or admire one another’s four-legged friend(s).  The leisurely stroll of the walk with its multitude of people and animals alike; so many breeds, large, small, all strolling side by side…as we, the doggie parents, enjoyed the great views of the channel and boats.  The smiling and helpful volunteers throughout the entire area, everything was just so invigorating. It was truly an amazing event this year. 

Why do I Walk for the animals?  I Walk for the Animals because I know the donations collected ensure these abandoned animals sheltered at the Humane Society of Broward County (“HSBC”) will receive the proper care, love  and attention they so deserve…some for the first time in their lives!  And just as important, to ultimately place these precious animals in loving homes.  My Chiquita Mia (Chihuahua mix) has been such a blessing in our lives for these five years since she was rescued.  This is the reason I participate in the Walk every year, and the reason I attempt to collect donations for the HSBC; it’s a cause I am committed to, firmly believe in, and will continue to do so, God willing!

~Ruth Ramos

I walk to show my support in the Humane Society’s purpose and mission. I enjoy seeing it get bigger and bigger because it means we are reaching more people who also want what's best for our furry friends.

Let’s keep fighting the good fight...we are making a difference.

~Jessica Serrano

I Walk for the Animals as this is a great fundraiser to help the Humane Society of Broward County raise much needed funds to help the many dogs and cats in the shelter find their 'furever' homes! It is a fun event that I have been participating in for many, many years. It is even more rewarding, and an honor to me, to be a Walk committee member and to raise funds knowing that I am helping these animals and the shelter. I would encourage all animal lovers to participate in this fun and rewarding event!

~Paula Perez

A friend of mine that participates asked if I wanted to do the Walk with her, that was 3 years ago and I am hooked! I have a dog that we rescued as a puppy from the Humane Society about 6 years ago and she is the best. The love these animals feel for us humans - its unconditional and they surely make our lives so much better. Last year my friend and I were asked to join the Walk for the Animals committe and we were blown away. The love these people feel for the animals, the commitment to help and raise funds for the Humane Society is amazing. This is a truly wonderful group. I am proud to me a member of this organization.

~Jenn Jones

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