Why We Walk

"I walk to be with like-minded people and to raise money and awareness for the animals that haven't found that forever home."    

 Eleanor M.




I walk to show my support in the Humane Society’s purpose and mission. I enjoy seeing it get bigger and bigger because it means we are reaching more people who also want what's best for our furry friends.

Let’s keep fighting the good fight, we are making a difference

Jessica S.




"It breaks my heart to know that there are thousands of animals that are born and then abandoned, left stranded or abused each and every year. I walk for two reasons- first it helps raise money for my community's local shelter to provide the care, treatment and eventual loving homes for these animals and second, since I can't adopt them all, it is my way of showing them love and human kindness."

- Deanna K.



"I’ve seen and heard of enough injustices and mistreatments of animals for so many years, so when I Walk for the Animals I recognize the donations from all supporters for the Walk are helping hundreds of animals every day.  It’s a wonderful sense of accomplishment knowing our contributions to the Humane Society of Broward are serving these wonderful defenseless creatures to live a better life."

- Ruth R.


"The Walk for the Animals brings a community together with common interests and goals. By supporting the Humane Society of Broward County you support our community. Not only does the shelter care for many animals it also serves as an education center for the care and responsibility of these animals with the many programs offered to the public. I feel honored to be a part of such an organization that cares for the well being of animals."

- Carey M.



"I Walk for the Animals as this is a great fundraiser to help the Humane Society of Broward County raise much needed funds to help the many dogs and cats in the shelter find their 'furever' homes! It is a fun event that I have been participating in for many, many years. It is even more rewarding, and an honor to me, to be a Walk committee member and to raise funds knowing that I am helping these animals and the shelter. I would encourage all animal lovers to participate in this fun and rewarding event!"


- Paula P.


"Why do I Walk for the Animals? I Walk for the Animals because I want every pet to have a forever home like my "boyz", Charlie and Zack. It is the HSBC that can accomplish this, if we give them the funding they need."

- Stephanie S.




"A friend of mine that participates asked if I wanted to do the Walk with her, that was 3 years ago and I am hooked! I have a dog that we rescued as a puppy from the Humane Society about 6 years ago and she is the best. The love these animals feel for us humans - its unconditional and they surely make our lives so much better. Last year my friend and I were asked to join the Walk for the Animals committe and we were blown away. The love these people feel for the animals, the commitment to help and raise funds for the Humane Society is amazing. This is a truly wonderful group. I am proud to me a member of this organization."

- Jenn J.

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