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Welcome to the Walk Kid Zone!

Our youngest Walkers are our biggest supporters, and this page is just for you! Here you will find all of the fun and cool stull you can experience on Walk day.

Fundraising - for the Family!

Did you know that our Walk helps raise money to save THOUSANDS of furry friends each year? It's true! And we could not save all of those animals without your hard work and compassion. Thanks to kids, like YOU, who host car washes, run garage sales, sell cookies at a bake sale, or just ask their friends and family for a donation - YOU help to save the life of an animal. 

Fundraising is easy - and fun! Here are just some of the great ideas other kids have come up with. Do you have a cool fundraising idea of your own? Ask your parent or guardian to send an email to info@walk4theanimals.com and tell us about it!