This year, for the first time, we’re inviting responsible, motivated teens to be part of the planning and marketing for our March 5th, 2022 Walk for the Animals by becoming a member of our Walk Teen Council.

This is an excellent opportunity for teens who excel in leadership. The council will meet monthly, and each month will be tasked with different things to do to promote our largest fundraiser of the year. They’ll be asked to use their expert social marketing skills, plan fundraisers, man tables at different events, recruit friends and fellow students to create a Walk Pack, or team, and so much more. Service hours for school will be granted for all time spent at meetings and at actual tasks and events.

Not only does this experience look great on a college resume, but it’s a learning experience that can be utilized in so many different careers in the future.

If you are a teen who is 14 to 18 years old and are interested in learning more, send an email to

Download the Walk for the Animals Teen Council Application and submit it to

The Walk for the Animals Teen Council Application is here! Click to download.