This year Sydney, Karma, Bodhi and I will be walking in memory of our beloved soul mates Oliver & Cali.

On February 14, 2018 when a tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School claimed the lives of 17 innocent victims, the Canines for Community Resilience dog teams were onsite in the Parkland schools and community the next day. Our Canines for Community Resilience dog teams who are specifically trained to participate in traumatic situations and are proficient in being able to tolerate, adapt and cope with the physical and emotional stress of critical incidents were invaluable in providing unconditional love, encouraging resilience, providing comfort and effective, safe mental support to the impacted community. Our teams worked side by side first responders, school psychologists, families, students, faculty, teachers and the community at large to help reduce a painful range of emotions and responses experienced by the people exposed to this high stress and traumatic event.

Additionally, our Animal Assisted Therapy program uses volunteers and their companion animals to provide social therapy to comfort children and adults with special needs or those experiencing life’s stresses.  The benefit of using pets is that animals, in general, and companion animals more commonly, are regarded by many as “man’s best friend.”  Animals provide people with unconditional love and nonjudgmental acceptance and companionship. They serve as catalysts for social interaction and as bridges to interpersonal communication and attachment. Some of our outstanding community programs include our partnership with Broward Health Coral Springs where our therapy dogs visit sick children in the Pediatrics, Pediatric Intensive Care and Pediatric Emergency rooms. Also, our Wags & Tales Reading program which helps children with reading difficulties become better readers by providing a therapy dog for them to read to. This program is exclusively partnered with Broward County Public Schools and Broward County Public Libraries and encourages children to read out loud in a non-judgemental, safe environment to a therapy dog.

In 2018 our AAT team raised nearly $20,000.00! Please help us exceed this amount for Walk 2019! Every year Animal Assisted Therapy Volunteers, their friends, family and of course therapy animals join us for our annual Walk for the Animals. This coming year is no exception...we need YOUR support!

The Animal Assisted Therapy Pack will be registering again this year and your support is needed. Although it is not mandatory that you help to raise funds for the Walk, what better way to help our shelter animals then to raise some money, get your friends & family involved, solicit businesses and others to help with our cause. You can raise money even if you can't join us at the Walk itself and you can begin right now!

If you are interested in being part of the Animal Assisted Therapy pack, you will need to individually raise a minimum of $150.00 to be eligible for goodies.

Every dollar is truly appreciated. It's never too early to begin!

Check out our website for more details or email me at We are looking forward to your participation!

Over the past 25+ years the Walk for the Animals has raised millions of dollars. In 2012, the Walk for the Animals raised $530,000 net! Funds raised from the Walk helped over 10,000 animals find new and loving forever homes.

The Humane Society of Broward County is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and relies on the generosity of our community and companies to fund our operations and programs budget. We do not get funding from the government, United Way or any other national or local organizations with similar names.

So, click the SUPPORT ME button and make a donation today and help us save lives!  

With wags and doggie kisses,
Marni, Sydney, Karma & Bodhi
In loving memory of Oliver & Cali



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