There's more than one way to save a life...

Yes!  It's me, Daisy Mae Metrick, and my Mom, Laura. It's was such an honor and a privilege to represent ALL the animals in this wonderful fundraising event last year, but it's 2022 and once again we're back!  As COVID-19 continues to impact our society, the Humane Society of Broward County needs our help now, more than ever before. This unforeseen circumstance has reminded us that connection and advocacy within the community is crucial. 

Thank you for visiting "Our" (My Mom & My) Walk for the Animals fundraising page!  For US, this page represents our LOVE and Gratitude for an amazing cause.  It is with passion that WE walk and raise money every year, and this year we must absolutely meet or surpass our fundraising goal of $3000 or maybe more. My MOM and I rescued each other... I was a lost little run away, and she was a sad Mom who had just lost her Dalmatian to old age.  We are a match made in heaven, and we'll always be forever grateful for each other and for the cause - keeping animals safe and striving to find forever homes and save them all. 

The Walk for the Animals has but one goal: raise money to save the lives of homeless pets.  It's the Humane Society of Broward County's largest annual fundraiser. By donating to the Walk, you are donating to help the thousands of animals that come through their doors each year. Every dollar supports them as they provide veterinary care, food, shelter and much much more to every animal they save. 

My Mom Laura and me, Daisy Mae are so proud to be a part of this spectacular experience that will take place on March 5th, 2022.  We ask that you please give from your heart.  No amount is too small or too large.  Let me repeat that... NO amount is too small. It's about supporting the animals and your friends, Daisy Mae and Laura, who work hard to raise money through donations.  

"A better world will surely come about because of small choices to be kind."

Peace and Love, 

Daisy Mae & Laura Metrick (We walk this year in memory of our little friend, Cupcake Murray and one of our major supporters, Stewie Kauthen who left us way too soon.)

"Daisy Mae rescued Laura 10 years ago."